Choosing the right high temperature fan can mean the difference between expense and headaches, and increased productivity and profitability. While there are a wide range of fan suppliers who include high temperature models in their standard product line, it is important to understand that dependable high temperature fans must be designed and built specifically for the challenges of high temperature applications.

There are 3 important things to consider in the purchase of a high temperature fan you can rely on:

1. Does the supplier have a track record in high temperature fans?
Only an experienced fan supplier with specific high temperature fan knowledge and capability can produce a high temperature fan that will perform for your high temperature application.

Daniels Fans is a recognized leader that has focused on high temperature fans (1000° F and higher) for 40 years. We offer you the advantage of our experience in high temperature fan development, as well as the ability to trouble shoot high temperature fan issues in the field with existing equipment. Daniels Fans has shipped thousands of high temperature fans all over the world.

2. Does the supplier provide engineering support to custom build fans to customer requirements?
It is important to choose a high temperature fans supplier that will offer you the engineering support to build a custom high temperature fan that meets your unique application challenges. An off-the-shelf fan that was not designed for your specific needs may ultimately cost you money.

Daniels Fans has experienced engineers that can identify important issues that must be considered in custom designed high temperature fans. We may offer alternative designs that can enhance your current fan designs. Selection of the proper materials for your application is critical to the success of your high temperature fan.

Daniels Fans takes many things into consideration such as temperature, material stresses, and other things that a fan will encounter in operation. We always look for ways to deliver a better solution.

3. Do the supplier’s fans require expensive water cooling and high maintenance?
When considering the selection of your high temperature fan, keep in mind that the purchase price is just the beginning of what it will cost. If the fan relies on expensive water cooling or requires costly upkeep, these factors will cut into your bottom line.

Daniels Fans can supply air cooled high temperature fans that can operate at 2,200° F. Air cooled designs offer the advantage of being safer and providing a cleaner environment around your equipment.

Don’t trust your high temperature fan application to a fan supplier that offers standard one-size-fits-all solutions. Choose a supplier who is equipped and experienced to meet your high temperature fan needs. Contact us today to discuss your project.

High Temperature Fan
High Temperature Fan

High Temperature Fan
High Temperature Fan