Custom builds, no problem. We can design and build to meet any required specification.

Below are just some of the many custom fan specials we have designed and manufactured to meet our customers’ exact specifications. If you have special requirements that cannot be met with standard fans, please contact our sales office for your area.

  • Operating temperatures up to 2200°F / 1200°C
  • High efficiency impellers to 79″ / 2000mm diameter
  • Radial blade impellers to 102″ / 2600mm diameter
  • V-belt drive / direct coupling
  • Single or double outlet housings
  • Reversible axial flow units
  • Gas tight construction
  • Flexible connectors
  • Customized design service

Reversible axial flow plug unit (1200°F / 650°C)


Fan for a fuel cell installation. Maximum temperature was 1400°F / 760°C. Mechanical seal and housing designed for a pressure of 73 psi / 5 bar.

jet cooler fan

Jet cooler fan with integral air/water heat exchanger and H2/N2 atmosphere.

Custom High Temperature Fan

This high-temperature double discharge fan assembly was designed for a 1000˚F application. The BIF fan was custom built to meet specific customer design dimensions and requirements. It was coated with special High-Temperature Safety Blue Paint.