Daniels Fans manufactures industrial duty high temp fans for operating temperatures up to 2200°F (1200°C).

Daniels Fans is a leading manufacturer of high temperature fans, with thousands supplied to furnace manufacturers worldwide.

Four aerodynamic designs offer a broad range of solutions for thermal process applications:

  • Operating temperatures up to 2,200 F (1,200 C)
  • Volumes up to 440,000 CFM (750,000 cubic meters/hour)
  • Pressures to 80” WG (2,000 mm WG)
  • Wheel Diameters to 102 inches (2,600mm)

Repair and retrofit services are available.

Fans can be designed and built as belt or direct drives, housed fans or high temperature plug fans, insulated double wall housings or un-insulated housings, reversible axial flow fans, gas tight construction and custom designed to fit your thermal treatment equipment.

Air cooled shaft and bearings are typically used to eliminate costly and troublesome water cooling.

Repair and retrofit services are available.

High Temperature Industrial Fans Overview

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