Fans in this category can be centrifugal type fans or axial type fans. What defines them as high temp industrial is the application, construction, material types and material gauges. There are three types of centrifugal fans utilized in high temp applications. Backward Inclined Fans, Forward Curved Fans, and Radial Flat Blade Fans. The lone axial fan type is a Propeller Fan. The specific application will be a determining factor on which type of fan to use.

High temp centrifugal fans differ from axial flow fans in the way they move the air. A high temp centrifugal fan draws the air into the inlet of the fan housing through the wheel, and discharges it at 90 degrees out through the discharge of the housing. An axial high temp fan uses the propeller to draw air into it and discharges it in the same axial direction.

To make the proper selection, you must consider the following conditions the fan or blower will be subjected to:

1. What will be the mounting configuration of the fan or blower in the system?

2. What is the airflow that will be required?

This is rated in cubic feet of air per minute (CFM) or in metric equivalent, it is rated in cubic meters per hour (M³HR).

3. What is the static pressure through the system?

This is rated in static pressure water gauge (SPWG) or in metric equivalent, it is rated in Pascal’s (Pa). SPWG or Pa is the resistance to flow, or friction, caused by the air moving through the system.

4. What is the ambient air temperature outside the fan?

5. What will be the airflow conditions through the fan?

a. Maximum operating temperature?
b. Clean or dirty air?

6. What is the altitude the fan will be operating at?

The high temp fan selection will be based on the type of fan that is best suited by performance, design and features that best meet those conditions.

Daniels Fans manufactures fans that are designed and constructed as high temperature type. We manufacture centrifugal fans with airflow capacities up to 440,000 CFM and temperatures up to 2200°F. We manufacture axial fans with airflow capacities up to 118,000 CFM and temperatures to 1750°F.

We have over 170 experienced sales engineers across the U.S.A and Canada ready to assist you in making the proper high temp fan or blower selection. Call our sales office for your area. They very likely have already sold some fans and blowers for your type application.

The above is why we are a leading manufacturer of high temperature fans with many thousands supplied to furnace manufacturers worldwide.