Daniels Fans manufactures high temperature industrial forward curved bladed fans in belt drive and direct drive. Forward curved bladed fans produce high volumes at slower speeds than backward inclined bladed fans. Fans are available as plug fans and housed fans. Shafts and bearings are air cooled – no water cooling required.

Performance Range

Volume – 2000 to 175000 CFM / 3500 to 300000 m3/h
Static Pressure – Up to 16″ @ 70°F / 400mm @ 20°C
Maximum Temperature – 1650°F / 900°C


Type – Centrifugal
Diameters – 12.25 to 73 inches / 310 to 1850mm
Shaft – Air cooled

Typical Applications

Heat treating air circulation
Float furnaces

Model MFC High Temperature Fan
Model MFC High Temperature Fan