Daniels Fans manufactures standard industrial backward inclined bladed fans in both direct drive and belt drive. The BI backward inclined blowers are an excellent choice for efficient delivery of high air volumes. These fans are available in Aluminum and Stainless Steel construction. Fans available in AMCA, A, B and C spark resistant construction.

Performance Range

Volume – Up to 150,000 CFM / 255,000 m3/h
Static Pressure – Up to 22.5″ @ 70°F / 570mm @ 20°C
Maximum Temperature – 750°F / 400°C

For fans less than 36″/900mm or less than 50,000 CFM/85,0000 m3h, see Cincinnati Fan model HDBI.


Type – Centrifugal Backward Inclined Blades
Diameters – 40 to 60 inches / 1016 to 1524mm
Belt Drive Arrangement 9CB available up to 200 HP. HP above 200 Consult Factory.

Direct Drive Arrangement 8 available up to 350 HP.

Direct Drive Arrangement 4 Consult Factory.

Typical Applications

General Ventilation
Dust Collection
Combustion Air
Oven and Drying Systems

For Industrial Backward Inclined Fans 36” and under, please see the Cincinnati Fan and Ventilation HDBI Series product offering.

Model BI industrial fan

Model BI industrial fan

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