Centrifual Fans

Centrifugal fans and blowers use several types of wheels or impellers that draw the air or gas into the inlet of the blower housing, through the wheel and discharge it, at 90 degrees, out of the housing.

Centrifugal plug fans typically do not use a housing, and the air is pulled into the inlet of the wheel and discharges 360 degrees around the outside diameter of the wheel.

In high temperature applications, three types of wheels are used – open paddle wheel with radial blades (Model OPB), forward curve bladed (Model MFC) and backward inclined blades (Model BIF).

model opb
Open Paddle Wheel with Radial Blades (Model OPB)

model mfc
Forward Curved Bladed (Model MFC)

model BIF
Backward Inclined Blades (Model BIF)