Models: MFC (forward curved), OPB (radial design) and BIF (backward inclined)

Housed Fan Descriptions:
Housed fans include: Impeller, shaft, bearings, insulated plug, bearing pedestal and scroll housing (insulated or uninsulated).

Options for fan assemblies:

  • Stuffing box type shaft seal.
  • Belt Drive or Direct Drive
  • Arrangements 1, 8, 9, 9CB and 4 (Contact Daniels Fans)
  • Belt Guard
  • Shaft and Bearings Guard
  • Inlet and Outlet Flanges
  • Drain
  • Inspection Door
  • Flexible Connections (Inlet and Outlet)
Insulated Scroll Housing Assembly.
Insulated Belt Drive Scroll Fan Housing Assembly.
Insulated Scroll BIF (Backward Inclined) Housing
Insulated Scroll Fan Housing Arrangement 1.