Models: AFP (axial), MFC (forward curved), OPB (radial design) and BIF (backward inclined)

Plug Fan Description:
Plug fans include: Impeller, shaft, bearings, insulated plug and bearing pedestal. AFP (axial) plug fan also includes a cone assembly.

Options for plug fan assemblies:

  • Stuffing box type shaft seal.
  • Inlet Cone
  • Diffuser for MFC (forward curved) and OPB (radial bladed) plug fans.
  • Scroll Housing for MFC, OPB and BIF plug fan design are available.
AFP Axial Plug Fan with Cone Assembly.
OPB Radial Bladed Belt Driven Plug Fan Assembly.
MFC Forward Curved Plug Fan Assembly.
BIF Backward Inclined Plug Fan Assembly.